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EN - Application form
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SUJET: EN - Application form

EN - Application form il y a 8 ans, 11 mois #13897

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To make it easier and clearer, please use the following format (Applications are only available for 15+ years old).

Identity :

Your nickname :
Your name :
Your age :
Your gender :
Where are you living (Country, Town) :
Your profession :
A picture of you :

Application type : (Guard, graphic designer, editor)
If guard: guard on Orgie/BadWater/Dustbowl/GoldRush

Your experience :

Favourite class:
Your favorite server(s) :
Years played :
Your level (approx.) :
Your previous/old teams :

Your skills (rcon, amx, html, php, java, C, C++, etc...) :
Microphone :

Common interests

Your motivation : (try to give us real ones)
What can you bring us :

Copy and fill up this form. Please be honest with yourself, and watch out for the spelling. Good luck !

PS: As decided earlier, we only recruit guards. To become -=UFB=- admin, u have first to prove that you are good as a guard.
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